“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.”
Jesus Christ

About Me

I regard myself as ambitious, highly committed and a professional individual with significant information technology and management experience. I am currently seeking a challenging and rewarding Business Analyst or Consultant role which reflects my proven management, IT analysis and consultations skill and the level of education attained to date. I have confidence in my own abilities, first class interpersonal skills and proven stakeholder management.

With excellent organisational skills I am able to successfully priorities, plan and structure my time efficiently and with an open mind, I am able to analyse and adapt to any given situation. I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my skills, together with my willingness to commit to continued professional development.



“I was immensely impressed by the initiative that Tharwat showed in approaching me directly and in his enthusiasm for electing to investigate a complex and evolving area that there are very little existing researchers on, namely the Personalisation of search. Personalisation of search results (particularly in Google) in directly impacting the fabric of the search engine optimisation industry (SEO) a multi-billion-dollar global industry.”

Jon Earnshaw  

Founding Director – Chief Technology Officer

Intelligent Positioning Ltd- UK

  “During the time that I have known Mr Khalil, he has been the most energetic and vibrant student. He brings energy to any activity whether it is in class or just a social outing. Mr Khalil takes every activity with an unbridled enthusiasm and he affects people around him in a positive way. I found Mr Khalil to have high ambitions and the intelligence and drive to go with it. He is an exceptionally analytical individual who is not afraid to voice his opinions. As such Mr Khalil was placed to be a student representative for the MSc programme. He was able to communicate student problems eloquently and negotiate workable solutions.”

 Desmond Kapofu

 Senior Lecturer in Operations Management

Programme Director MSc Business Analysis and Consultancy

Hertfordshire Business School – UK

 “I can see Theo doing well in his chosen field as he is a dedicated and passionate individual.  He is a great people person, able to enthuse his team members and get everyone on task.”

Amanda Relph  

Head of Business Analysis and Statistics Group Marketing and Enterprise Department

Hertfordshire Business School – UK

 “Mr. Tharwat has shown a good understating of the tasks involved and has done very well and produced a good project with practical relevance to his job in the aviation industry. He is hard working, conscientious and ambitious; works well with a team and has the discipline to achieve his targets on time while meeting the intended goals.”

 Prof. Nabil Kamal 

Coordinator, Information Technology and computing program

Arab Open University- Egypt

 “His is ambitious, constantly seeking new challenging and has the ability to resolve problems on a company wide basis that benefits the operation as a whole and manage to turn negative to positive solutions.”

 Adel Roushdy  CEO-Egypt Jet Aviation


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Cairo, Egypt
+2 012 7571 5000